An Early Ending

  1. Bloodlines 3:23
  2. I Won't Illuminate This
  3. Igniter
  4. Rooftops
  5. Dead Eyes
  6. Home
  7. Harder To Be
  8. Breath
  9. We're Coming For You
  10. All I See is Hate
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It’s deafening, the sound of An Early Ending’s notoriety. It is not in the wicked screams, the sweetly searing guitar lines, or the signature drop of the 808 that define their music as a furious sound for a furious time. No, the sound of their success only comes in the spaces between their songs, as an ever growing roar from their rapidly increasing fanbase. That roar is the collective power of this group of fresh faced kids, it is their ability to excite, to thrill, and to crush both their audience and their critics with their music. When child hood friends Logan Summey (drums) and Alex Runk (vocals), first dreamed up having a band in 2004 they certainly never thought they would get to p...

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Клип An Early Ending - Home


Клип An Early Ending - Harder To Be

Harder To Be

Клип An Early Ending - Breath


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