Allan Gray

  1. Flight Music 1:39
  2. A Canterbury Tale: Prelude - 1944 Recording
  3. Ganz dahinten wo der Leuchtturm steht
  4. Swing Doors 3:02
  5. The African Queen
  6. The Life And Death Of Colonel Blimp: Prelude - 1
  7. The Stairway to Heaven
  8. Uber den dachern von Berlin
  9. Perfect Hostess 2:41
  10. A Matter of Life and Death: Opening Sequence
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Józef Żmigrod (February 23, 1902 – September 10, 1973), better known by his stage name, Allan Gray, was a Polish composer, best known for his film scores.
Gray was born Józef Żmigrod in Tarnów, Austria-Hungary, in present-day Poland. He studied under the renowned Austrian composer Arnold Schönberg during the 1920s, and later wrote music for Max Reinhardt's theatre productions. As Schoenberg disapproved of such music, Żmigrod took up the stage name Allan Gray, naming himself after Oscar Wilde's Dorian Gray.
Gray began writing film scores in the Weimar Republic, but left the country after the rise of Nazi Germany, moving to the United Kingdom and settling down in England...

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