Alex Pusher

  1. call of the universe
  2. Believe In My Love 3:00
  3. Fidelity 5:49
  4. Just Keep On 5:49
  5. Rock The Dub 4:39
  6. We Are Space 5:18
  7. Музыка для тренировок и бега 4:39
  8. 1 4:39
  9. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
  10. Full Colours of Stars 5:16
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Alex Pusher started his music career in 1999. "My first steps were in breakbeat style, I love this music till now, but I think this style of electronic music have no perspective this days". Then Alex decided to make drum and bass music. "For me, drum and bass music is universal mix of different styles, our live is changing and become so fast and music is changing too. You can mix with drum and bass any styles of music and it will sounds different from other styles of electronic music." In 2001 Alex Pusher decided to start live drum and bass project Noize Draft. "Live music have sould and heart. I think, mix of electronic music and live sounds - it's perfect r...

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Клип Alex Pusher - Rock The Dub

Rock The Dub

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