Alex Megane

  1. Into the Blue (Original Edit)
  2. Hurricane 3:51
  3. Something (Rave Allstars Remix Edit) 3:13
  4. Turn Me On (Original Edit)
  5. Hurricane 2009 (Topless Remix Edit)
  6. Beautiful Day
  7. I think of you
  8. Something - Radio Edit
  9. Tide Is High - Original Edit
  10. tonight
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Axel Jager (aka Alex Megane) has now established himself as one of the talented players in the dance scene.

His first project 'Cosmic Culture' (started with his former partner Thomas Jahnke) was responsible for his big entrance into the scene as a producer but also a DJ. The first production: 'Our Future,' released in 2003 was plimmediately by national and international DJ's like: Blank & Jones, ATB, Woody van Eyden and DJ Shog to name but a few. 'Our Future' proved to be successful for a debut release.

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Клип Alex Megane - Hurricane


Клип Alex Megane - I think of you

I think of you

Клип Alex Megane - Something - Radio Edit

Something - Radio Edit

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