Akua Naru

  1. poetry how does it feel
  2. the world is listening 3:43
  3. The Block 4:20
  4. Nag Champa 3:48
  5. the backflip 4:37
  6. Poetry: How Does It Feel Now??? 3:20
  7. Find Yourself 3:31
  8. Run Away 3:29
  9. Walking The Block 7:14
  10. Tales Of Men feat. African Footprint
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Hailing from New Haven, CT, Akua
Naru's journey to acclaimed hip hop
artist has led her from America's
North-East Coast to Cologne, Germany,
where she currently resides and
creates music. Along this female wordsmith's journey, there have been
many stops - Philadelphia, China, and
Ghana, among others - have all
informed the wisdom and perspective
which is evident in her music. With the release of her debut album,
"The Journey Aflame", Naru has in a
short time positioned herself on the
scene as a model for what women can
be in hip hop. Since the release, the
album has been written about in several...

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Клип Akua Naru - poetry how does it feel

poetry how does it feel

Клип Akua Naru - the world is listening

the world is listening

Клип Akua Naru - Nag Champa

Nag Champa

Клип Akua Naru - the backflip

the backflip

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