Adam Tensta

  1. Before U Know It 3:04
  2. Tensta, Stockholm, Sweden
  3. Dopeboy 3:10
  4. Like a Punk 3:12
  5. My Cool 3:26
  6. Raindrops - feat. Duvchi
  7. Rat In The Snow - feat. Elliphant
  8. Scared Of The Dark
  9. They Wanna Know 3:54
  10. Vad ska du bli?
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Adam Tensta (born Adam Momodou Eriksson Taal, August 1, 1983) is a Swedish hip hop MC. Tensta's debut album It's a Tensta Thing was released in September 2007 by K-Wrek Records.

Adam Tensta's father is from Gambia and his mother is Swedish-Finnish. Adam grew up the son of a single mother and an absent, heroin-addicted father in a project in the outskirts of Stockholm called Tensta. In a neighborhood where violence and crime is the norm, Adam Tensta refused to take the path of many of his peers. Instead of stealing, smoking dope and skipping school, he found a mental sanctuary in hip hop music and artists like the Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Nas and Bob Marley became the ...

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Клип Adam Tensta - Like a Punk

Like a Punk

Клип Adam Tensta - My Cool

My Cool

Клип Adam Tensta - They Wanna Know

They Wanna Know

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