1. Don't Go
  2. Mine 3:01
  3. The Escape
  4. The One to Blame
  5. Unspoken
  6. Concealed
  7. Broken Gates
  8. Break
  9. Burn
  10. Don't Go
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ACRIDA (Uh-cree-duh) is an American hard rock band. The group's initial purpose was to escape from the monotony of everyday living. Music was a way to take out frustration. The energy from their songs helped them lead more balanced lives where anger, frustration, and depression were expressed in a healthy way that got crowds out of their chairs and onto their feet. Acrida takes the emotions most keep bottled and relate their messages. Their purpose has changed, however, since their first encounters almost two years ago. They now not only reflect their own feelings that keep them energized, but give energy and passion to those who need it in the huddled crowds of passionate rock lover...

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