1. Ride 3:38
  2. Do Ya Own Thang
  3. Hatablockaz
  4. Have a Good Time
  5. My Dog
  6. She's Bad
  7. Shes Ready
  8. Hater Blockers
  9. IMAX/Intro
  10. Come From De Islands
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From Tampa Bay Times:

Who: In reality, Brandon Kerven Joseph is an intelligent multi-talented producer actor and artist up as the only boy among nine cubs in Miami's Little Haiti scene he is Acafool an enlarged cross pleasing persona - part Kanye West Lil del 'Jon

Shady character: For Acafool future is so bright he's gotta wear shades his hit single Hate Blocks is a reference to his large sunglasses to block out "hater" in the world (Sample lyric: "I got my hata block on / You can get out of my way 'cause y'all in my zone ") deftly he ordered more than 2,000 couples registered to sell and distribute in clubs

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Клип Acafool - Ride


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