1. Go go go go 3:48
  2. Go Go Go Go! (Ti-Mo Remix Edit) 1:03
  3. Go Go Go Go! (Club Mix) 4:46
  4. Human Nations - Radio Edit
  5. Higher Love 2:58
  6. Jump With Me 3:11
  7. Jump With Me (Radio Edit) 3:11
  8. Go Go Go Go! (Radio Edit) 3:48
  9. Go Go Go (Extended Mix)
  10. Kingston Town 3:01
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The 89ers are a German group consisting members Paul Hutsch, a Hands Up producer, and Claudia Heymann.

The group got known in 2002 with the hit "Wap Bam Boogie," which is among others to find on the Future Trance Vol 20th. It was followed by a cover version of the UB40 classic "Kingston Town" in 2003, which is the most successful hit of the group. 2005 followed "Funky Beatz" and a cover version of FR David's song "Words".

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Клип 89ers - Go go go go

Go go go go

Клип 89ers - Go Go Go Go! (Ti-Mo Remix Edit)

Go Go Go Go! (Ti-Mo Remix Edit)

Клип 89ers - Human Nations - Radio Edit

Human Nations - Radio Edit

Клип 89ers - Higher Love

Higher Love

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