1. One More Time 3:40
  2. Born 2 Run 3:33
  3. I See You 3:39
  4. Taking Over 3:41
  5. Emergency 3:47
  6. Sunday Bloody Sunday 2:55
  7. Girl With A Loaded Gun
  8. Days To Come
  9. Love Me Again
  10. One Man Symphony
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“A rock show that gives you a reason to dance,” this is what 7LIONS, the newest band signed to superstar producer RedOne’s label 2101 Records, brings to it’s fans. This Los Angeles based aggregation reveals a potent merger of rock and hiphop like it’s never been done before. The difference between 7LIONS and the pioneers before them is the fusion of the urban hip-hop poetry from their rapper Mika “Prophet” Guillory, the alternative rock influences of their lead singer/guitarist Forrest Fulmer and the electronic/pop/rock production of their keyboardist Morgan Taylor Reid; diverse musical backgrounds that create an explosive, epic sound. A tight knit group, 7LIONS also includes band members...

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Клип 7Lions - One More Time

One More Time

Клип 7Lions - Born 2 Run

Born 2 Run

Клип 7Lions - I See You

I See You

Клип 7Lions - Taking Over

Taking Over

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