1. The Word Is Born Of Flame
  2. Battle Cry
  3. 3
  4. The End Is Begun
  5. All That Remains
  6. My Divided Falling
  7. Serpents In Disguise
  8. Been To The Future
  9. Bleeding Me Home
  10. Live Entertainment
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The band was founded as a three piece: Joey Eppard on Guitar and Lead Vocals, Josh Eppard on drums and Chris Bittner on Bass. They came to the attention of Universal Records after well-received performances at the Woodstock festival in 1994, eventually getting signed in 1998, but following an unstable relationship with the label through its series of corporate mergers, the band was left with little prospect of releasing their album. Eventually, the band decided to release it on Planet Noise Records, a small indie label, and thenceforth managed themselves independently, until their 2005 signing with Metal Blade, on whose label they re-released Wake Pig in late 2005. Their career has been m...

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Клип 3 - Battle Cry

Battle Cry

Клип 3 - 3


Клип 3 - All That Remains

All That Remains

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