raison d'être альбом In Sadness, Silence and Solitude (Expanded)

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Слушать песни из альбома In Sadness, Silence and Solitude (Expanded)

  1. Reflecting in Shadows
  2. The Well of Sadness
  3. Deep Enshrouded
  4. Falling Twilight
  5. Passing Inner Shields (Live)
  6. Drop of Crystal
  7. The Verge of Somnolence
  8. Procession
  9. Forgotten Mound
  10. Mantra
  11. Reflections
  12. A Thousand Eyes
  13. Reflecting in Shadows II (Live)
  14. In Absence of Light (Live)
  15. Ba-Umf (Live)
  16. Passing Inner Shields (Early Sketch)
  17. In Abscence of Light
  18. Passing Inner Shield
  19. Through an Arcane Passage
  20. The Well of Sadness (Live)
  21. Deep Enshrouded (Live)