Yuksek альбом Away From The Sea

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Слушать песни из альбома Away From The Sea

  1. Break Ya
  2. Tonight - Radio Edit
  3. A Certain Life (E.P Version)
  4. Extraball (feat. Amanda Blank)
  5. Take A Ride
  6. I Could Never Be A Dancer 3:15
  7. So Far Away From The Sea (feat. The Bewitched Hands On The Top Of Our Heads)
  8. Little Dirty Trip (Vicarious Bliss Remix)
  9. This Is Not Today (feat. Shitdisco)
  10. I Like To Play 4:29
  11. So Down (feat. Chromeo)
  12. Freak O Rocker
  13. Eat My Bear 3:18
  14. Tonight - The Bewitched Hands On The Top Of Our Heads Cover Remix
  15. Dat's Right