Trey Songz альбом I Gotta Make It

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Слушать песни из альбома I Gotta Make It

  1. A Message From Aretha
  2. Gotta Make It (feat. Twista) 4:03
  3. Cheat On You
  4. Gotta Go
  5. Ooo
  6. All The Ifs
  7. Ur Behind
  8. From A Woman's Hand
  9. Kinda Lovin
  10. Comin' for You 1:55
  11. Just Wanna Cut (Prelude)
  12. Just Wanna Cut
  13. In The Middle
  14. Make Love Tonight
  15. Hatin Love
  16. Gotta Go Reprise
  17. Gotta Make It Remix (feat. Aretha Franklin & Juvenile)
  18. You Can Get It featuring T.I.