Timbaland альбом Birthday

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Слушать песни из альбома Birthday

  1. What Cha Talkin' Bout (feat. Magoo, Lil' Man and Static)
  2. What Cha Know About This (feat. Babe Blue and Mocha)
  3. To My (feat. Nas, Skillz and Static)
  4. Talking On The Phone (feat. Kelly Price, Missy Elliott and Lil' Man)
  5. Put' Em On (feat. Static and Yaushameen Michael)
  6. Lobster & Scrimp (feat. JAY-Z) 4:53
  7. Keep It Real (feat. Ginuwine)
  8. Birthday - Playa
  9. Wit' Yo' Bad Self - Mad Skillz
  10. What Cha Know About This (feat. Mocha & Babe Blue)
  11. To My (feat. Nas, Static & Skillz)
  12. Talking On The Phone (feat. Missy Elliott, Kelly Price & Lil' Man)
  13. Put' Em On (feat. Yaushameen Michael & Static)
  14. Who Am I (feat. Twista)
  15. Birthday (feat. Playa)
  16. Wit' Yo' Bad Self (feat. Skillz)