Think Twice альбом With a Loop and Some Swing

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Слушать песни из альбома With a Loop and Some Swing

  1. Intro
  2. People Wanna Know (feat. Manchilde & Shogun)
  3. Don't Mind At All (feat. Mr. Goodvibes)
  4. Stars (feat. Golden Boy)
  5. This Is Us (feat. Loes)
  6. Whadodem (feat. Manchilde)
  7. F-Ck That (feat. Mr. Goodvibes & Golden Boy)
  8. Watson Interlude
  9. Freaky Ways (feat. Loes & Golden Boy)
  10. Supafly (feat. Lotus & Karma)
  11. Time's Passin Me By (feat. Dank Lee)
  12. Esto E's (feat. Butta Beats)
  13. Its Too Late (feat. Golden Boy)
  14. Coates Intro
  15. The Accomplice (feat. Coates)