The Chieftains альбом Water From The Well

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Слушать песни из альбома Water From The Well

  1. Lots Of Drops Of Brandy
  2. Bean an Fhir Rua (The Red-haired Man's Wife)
  3. Jack Of All Trades
  4. Within A Mile Of Dublin/The Old Blackthorn
  5. The Dusty Miller
  6. The Lovely Sweet Banks Of The Moy
  7. An Poc Ar Buile (The Mad Puck Goat)
  8. The Dingle Set
  9. Planxty George Brabazon
  10. The Donegal Set
  11. The Kilfenora Set
  12. An Buinneán Buí (The Yellow Bittern)/The County Tyrone/Newry Hornpipe
  13. Ballyfin Polkas
  14. Casadh An Tsúgáin (Twisting Of The Rope)
  15. Live From Matt Molloy's Pub
  16. An Gaoth Aneas (The Wind From The South)
  17. The Morning Dew
  18. An Poc Ar Buile / The Dingle Set
  19. The May Morning Dew