The Chieftains альбом Film Cuts

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  1. O'Sullivan's March (From "Rob Roy")
  2. Dublin (From "Circle of Friends")
  3. Air - You're the One (From "Circle of Friends")
  4. Opening Theme (From "Treasure Island")
  5. Loyals March (From "Treasure Island")
  6. Island Theme (From "Treasure Island")
  7. Setting Sail (From "Treasure Island")
  8. French Leave (From "Treasure Island")
  9. Blind Pew (From "Treasure Island")
  10. Treasure Cave (From "Treasure Island")
  11. The Hispanola / Silver and Loyals March (From "Treasure Island")
  12. The Women Of Ireland (The Love Theme From Barry Lyndon)/The Morning Dew
  13. Love Theme
  14. The Falcon
  15. The Departure
  16. Main Theme (From "The Grey Fox")
  17. Morning Dew / Women of Ireland (from Another Country / The Chieftains Film Cuts) 2:57