The Beatles альбом Scream & Shout: 1964 Beatlemania Interviews (All About Gene Loving)

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  1. Interview with George Harrison "This Beatle sings too!"
  2. Interview with John Lennon and Ringo Starr Talking About Hard Days Night and John's Writing Talent
  3. Fans Reacting to the Beatles Entering the Stage at a Concert
  4. George Harrison
  5. Radio Interview with the Beatles About Hard Day's Night
  6. Radio Interview in Liverpool
  7. Interview with George Harrison's father about his life and family
  8. Interview with George Harrison's mother talking about all the fan mail and The Beatles
  9. Interview with Brian Epstein, the Beatles Manager
  10. Interview with Paul Talking About Marriage. John Talking About Getting Stoned on a Plane and More
  11. Interview with the Fans
  12. The Beatles in Nassau County
  13. Interview with the Beatles Manager, Brian Epstein
  14. Betty Vasso, Woman Who Took Care of the Beatles Hair
  15. Director of the Beatles Motion Picture, Dick Lester
  16. Producer of The Beatles motion picture, Walter Shenson