Stendeck альбом Folgor

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Слушать песни из альбома Folgor

  1. Come to Me, Close Your Eyes and Lose Yourself Inside Me
  2. Violently exciting and extremely loud [folgor] 5:03
  3. Tonight is Forever
  4. At the Gate of Impossible Things 3:27
  5. About Gravity And The Undefined Science Of Human Attraction
  6. Trying To Hold Every Little Second That Flies Away
  7. Last Drink at the Pink Flamingos Motel
  8. Sad Lovers' Song
  9. Nobody Lives Here Anymore
  10. Momentary pleasure
  11. Poison Kisses In The Torture Room
  12. The Curious Disease Of The Howling Man
  13. In Deep Waters We Fall Apart
  14. We Watch The Stars Shining For The Last Time
  15. Nothing Will Be The Same [again] 4:46