Shyheim альбом The Lost Generation

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Слушать песни из альбома The Lost Generation

  1. Shit Iz Real
  2. Dear God (featuring Pop "The Brown Hornet")
  3. Jiggy Comin'
  4. 5 Elements (featuring Rubbabandz, Pop "The Brown Hornet," Down Low Reka, Junelover)
  5. Shaolin Style (featuring Squig)
  6. Real Bad Boys 4:04
  7. Can You Feel It
  8. Life as a Shorty
  9. Don't Front/Let's Chill (featuring Lamisha Grinstead and Keemeelah Williams)
  10. Things Happen
  11. See What I See
  12. Still There
  13. Young Godz (featuring Madman, Rubbabandz and Killa Sin)
  14. What Makes The World Go Round (featuring Trigger, Rubbabandz, Smoothe Da Hustler, Dzalias Christ) (E
  15. Dear God (feat. Pop Da Brown Hornet)
  16. 5 Elements (feat. Rubbabandz, Pop Da Brown Hornet, Down Low Reka & Junelover)
  17. Shaolin Style (feat. Squig)
  18. What Makes The World Go Round (feat. Trigger Tha Gambler, Rubbabandz, Smoothe Da Hustler & D.V. alias Khrist)
  19. Don't Front/Let's Chill (feat. L. Grinstead & Kameelah Williams)
  20. Young Godz (feat. Madman, Rubbabanz & Killa Sin)
  21. Dear God
  22. Shaolin Style
  23. What Makes the World Go Round
  24. Dont Front/Let's Chill
  25. Young Godz