Plan B альбом ill Manors (Deluxe Version)

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Слушать песни из альбома ill Manors (Deluxe Version)

  1. ill Manors 3:55
  2. I Am The Narrator 3:34
  3. Drug Dealer (feat. Takura)
  4. Playing With Fire (feat. Labrinth) 3:39
  5. Deepest Shame 3:36
  6. Pity The Plight (feat. John Cooper Clarke) 4:21
  7. Lost My Way 3:46
  8. The Runaway 3:44
  9. Great Day For A Murder 4:31
  10. Live Once (feat. Kano)
  11. Falling Down 4:43
  12. Lost My Way (Raekwon Remix)
  13. Lost My Way (Nu:Tone Remix)
  14. Your Mother Was A Prostitute (Original Score)
  15. My Boy's A Mad Boy Y' Know (Original Score)
  16. Michelle (Original Score)
  17. Bullet In His Head (Original Score)
  18. Did You Just Call Me A Cunt? (Original Score)
  19. See, It Didn't Kill Me Did It? (Original Score)
  20. Pity The Plight Score (Original Score)
  21. Hope In Hell (Original Score)
  22. Waiting For The Sun Score (Original Score)
  23. What's That? It's A Baby (Original Score)
  24. Rescue (Original Score)
  25. Pity The Fate Score (Original Score)
  26. Altered Score (Original Score)
  27. Ed Woz Ere (Original Score)
  28. I Have Always Loved You (Original Score)