Oliver альбом My First Songs and Lullabies, Vol. 4

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Слушать песни из альбома My First Songs and Lullabies, Vol. 4

  1. Passing Through the Country Side
  2. Malbrough Is Going to War
  3. The Good King Dagobert
  4. By the Chinny Chin Chin
  5. Right Next to My Sweetheart
  6. Mister Snail Snail Snail
  7. Brother What D'you See
  8. We Were Ten Girls in a Garden
  9. John from the Moon
  10. Chicken Standing on the Wall
  11. Goatie, My Goatie
  12. Miaow, Miaow
  13. The Fishing of the Mussels
  14. There Was a Liitle Girl
  15. Cuckoo
  16. Up on the Tower
  17. Pirouette, Cacahuete
  18. Lady Toasty
  19. Cut Me a Piece of Ham