Kiki альбом Will Die For You

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Слушать песни из альбома Will Die For You

  1. Close to it all
  2. Note to Self: Don't Die/Flamingo/When Doves Cry
  3. "Opening Remarks"
  4. Why
  5. "Hoochie Coochie"
  6. Sex Bomb
  7. "Yasaweh"
  8. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You
  9. "The Saddest Day of My Life"
  10. A Lover Spurned
  11. "Bored, Bored, Bored"
  12. The Windmills of My Mind
  13. I Was Meant for the Stage
  14. No Children
  15. Rainbow Connection
  16. Pina Colada Song
  17. Institutionalized
  18. "Jazz"
  19. The Paris Match
  20. "I've Got to Go to Vietnam"
  21. The Revolution Medley: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised/ Lose Yourself/ Once in a Lifetime
  22. Dominique
  23. "Show Business Martyrs"
  24. The Thin Ice
  25. Love Will Tear Us Apart
  26. Temptation
  27. Total Eclipse of the Heart
  28. Those Were the Days
  29. Tonight's the Kind of Night
  30. Ladies and Gentleman We Are Floating in Space
  31. Running up That Hill