J Star альбом Slight Work

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Слушать песни из альбома Slight Work

  1. Look Good
  2. Like I Do (feat. Young Sam)
  3. Spend It (feat. IsThatDeano)
  4. Focused
  5. He Don't Love You (feat. Womack & Cranston)
  6. Trust Nobody (feat. Steeezy)
  7. Better Than U (feat. Ben J)
  8. Worried Bout You (feat. Stiso)
  9. Sober Thoughtz
  10. Tell Me
  11. Trippin
  12. One 4 You (feat. AkaFrank)
  13. Act Like Dat (feat. Roann Ro Mesina)
  14. Tonite (feat. Womack)
  15. Have U Ever
  16. Good Girl (feat. Jatuan)
  17. Life of the Party (feat. Steeezy, Shootergang Kony & Shootergang Jojo)