Heaven Below альбом Dos Diablos Digital Box Set

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Слушать песни из альбома Dos Diablos Digital Box Set

  1. All Rise
  2. The Takeover
  3. The Congregation
  4. Scream
  5. Heartbreak Anthem
  6. A Thousand Years 4:03
  7. When Daylight Dies 3:48
  8. The Radio Song 3:46
  9. Major Tom
  10. The Laughing Dead
  11. In the Arms of Your Lies
  12. Judgement Day
  13. When Daylight Dies (Acoustic) 3:57
  14. Contact High (Previously Unreleased)
  15. Lost Angeles (Previously Unreleased)
  16. The Takeover (Martin Scorsese Orchestral Version)
  17. Scream (Willie Nelsons Campfire Jamboree Version)
  18. The Laughing Dead (Quentin Tarantinos Day of the Dead Version)
  19. Heartbreak Anthem (Drum Corpse Deluxe)
  20. Judgement Day (Stanley Kubrick Revisited)
  21. The Congregation (Brian De Palmas Secret Orchestral Version)
  22. In the Arms of Your Lies (Opiate Dialect Version-Previously Unreleased)
  23. Find Myself (Previously Unreleased)
  24. All Rise/The Takeover (Live)
  25. A Thousand Years (Live)
  26. When Daylight Dies (Live)
  27. Scream (Live)
  28. Heartbreak Anthem (Live)
  29. In the Arms of Your Lies (Live)
  30. The Laughing Dead (Live)
  31. Major Tom (Live)
  32. The Congregation (Live)
  33. Six Feet Under
  34. Twilight Zone
  35. Strange Days
  36. Above the Satellites (Acoustic Version)
  37. Original Sin
  38. Run
  39. Clown Boy
  40. Strange Days (Vicodin Mix)