Gloria Gaynor альбом Double Gold - Le Double Album D'Or

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Слушать песни из альбома Double Gold - Le Double Album D'Or

  1. I Will Survive (Version officielle 98 avec les champions du monde) 4:29
  2. It's My Time 4:30
  3. You'll Be Mine 4:57
  4. Jealousy 3:26
  5. The Answer 3:50
  6. Set Me Free (Remix)
  7. Oh What a Life (Dance Remix Version) 3:36
  8. Rippin'It Up (R&B Version) 3:33
  9. Perfect World 3:24
  10. You 5:01
  11. Reunion of Two Hearts 3:49
  12. I Am What I Am 5:00
  13. Never Can Say Goodbye 4:01
  14. Yo Vivirer (I Will Survive Version Flamenco) [feat. Gipsye Kali]
  15. I Am What I Am (A. Williams Remix)
  16. Reach Out I'll Be There (A. Williams Remix)
  17. First Be a Woman (A. Williams Remix)
  18. Rippin'It Up (A. Williams Remix)
  19. Never Can Say Goodbye (A. Williams Remix)
  20. Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You (A. Williams Remix)
  21. Oh What a Life (A. Williams Remix)
  22. I Will Survive (A. Williams Remix) 3:14
  23. Come to Me (A. Williams Remix)
  24. French Women (A. Williams Remix)
  25. Set Me Free (A. Williams Remix)
  26. Perfect World (A. Williams Remix)
  27. Be an Ibiza Woman (A. Williams Remix)
  28. Can't Take My Eyes Off You 5:11