Gang Of Four альбом Live... In the Moment

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Слушать песни из альбома Live... In the Moment

  1. Where the Nightingale Sings (Live)
  2. History's Not Made by Great Men (Live)
  3. I Parade Myself (Live)
  4. Paralysed (Live)
  5. What We All Want (Live)
  6. Love Like Anthrax (Live)
  7. Do as I Say (Live)
  8. Stranded (Live)
  9. Damaged Goods (Live) 4:28
  10. Isle of Dogs (Live)
  11. At Home He's a Tourist (Live)
  12. To Hell with Poverty (Live)
  13. Why Theory? (Live)
  14. I Found That Essence Rare (Live)