Fly Project альбом There's Only Me And The Universe

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Слушать песни из альбома There's Only Me And The Universe

  1. A Drop on You
  2. Be Inside
  3. Hot Lounge
  4. Light on You
  5. Loving Forever
  6. Memory in Love
  7. More for Life
  8. On Air Two Times
  9. One Week to Love You
  10. Summer Cocktail for Us
  11. Sweet to See You
  12. Who Is
  13. Your Colours
  14. Your Instruction
  15. My Soul
  16. Mystic China
  17. Ethnic Dream
  18. Blue Flowers
  19. Voyage
  20. Infinite Horizon
  21. The Gate of Paradise
  22. Tibetan Monks
  23. Ethnic Wind
  24. Free Heart
  25. Love in the Water


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