Deuce альбом My Name Was Deuce, Pt. I-IV

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Слушать песни из альбома My Name Was Deuce, Pt. I-IV

  1. Cold
  2. Pull Me out of the New Romantic Mud
  3. Sfirkovanka
  4. Skratching My Sky (Skramsky)
  5. Stanley Kubrick Ate My Wife
  6. Cubic Chimps
  7. Eurosport HHP
  8. Vodka in the Air
  9. Deborah - The Singing Snake
  10. Cinderella Watching TV
  11. Pinocchio Wants to Be a Dancer
  12. Happy People with the Crucifix (112)
  13. Heavy Afternoon
  14. You Won't Fly (Higher)
  15. The Snow Queen Bassdrum (Bassdrum)
  16. For Nemezis
  17. Sisyphus Calls Me (Respon)
  18. Departure (Clickpop)
  19. Glass by Glass, Cause It's Wintertime (Snow)
  20. Party Only for Sad People
  21. I Call Sisyphus
  22. Daisy
  23. Taking a Tram (Girll with a Bell)
  24. Cruel Death of Offensive MCs
  25. Afterparty for Very Sad People (Hanging)
  26. I Wait Too Long (Funeral in the Rain Remix)
  27. Sweet But Ugly
  28. Now Play Another Track
  29. Cognac Is Fine and Whisky Too (Sinking)
  30. Punk's Not Dad and Mum's Not Punk (Backup)
  31. The Rest Is the Rest
  32. Too Shy to Piss on You
  33. Family
  34. Nie Zejde Ze Szlaku
  35. Kakaowiec
  36. Song of a Moment (88)
  37. Underground Is Your Home Forever
  38. Alcoschocolade
  39. I'm Running and I'm Busy
  40. Lead Me Master
  41. Feel Me Master
  42. One More Time, Master
  43. I Care About You Sad DJs
  44. Very Important People Meeting in My Flat (Nombony)
  45. Really, You Are Such a Cunt
  46. This One Is Not to Be Reviewed, Ok?
  47. I Thought It Was Music (Dzwonki)
  48. And Now I Know It Was
  49. Yours Forever (Pozdro)
  50. The Chimp That Found a Keyboard (Sfir)
  51. As a Human I Love Filth of All Kinds
  52. Forgetting Is Easy
  53. Take a Breath With Me
  54. This Giant Is Smiling
  55. Reusable Lips
  56. Ulga
  57. You Can Do It Slowly
  58. Please, Take Me Wrong
  59. I Live in a Ghetto, So What
  60. How to Undo a Bra (Taratafucka)
  61. Lucky You?
  62. Smutty Smut
  63. Pink Freud Remix
  64. Baaba Remix
  65. Psychocukier Cover Hej Tygrysku
  66. Midgets Surround Me
  67. My Name Is Pietro
  68. Onseisao
  69. When You Start to Build a House
  70. Hymn
  71. Pleasant Feeling
  72. Lullaby
  73. Thrill
  74. Crying Nonsense
  75. Hahaha
  76. I Wanna Kiss Too Many Chicks
  77. Women Brass Orchestra
  78. Kongo
  79. Johnny Ace Loved Too Much
  80. I Want to Spent This Night with You
  81. Enjoy Our Happiness (Cobula)
  82. Les Mixdown (Gangpol Budapest Lesson)
  83. I Love to Roll You All
  84. This Is the Life (Neogotik)
  85. I Will Look for You to Try (Neogotik)
  86. Papa You Forgot Your Pills
  87. Mistaken Failures
  88. I Fuck the 80ies During My Breakfast
  89. Beach Party - Wrong Direction
  90. Nihil Humani
  91. I Pull Spaghetti out of My Nose
  92. Shopeeing
  93. First Swallowed Condom
  94. Poodle Song
  95. Ech, Zagulial
  96. Lights
  97. Crying
  98. Rapist
  99. Go Away