Bob Crosby альбом Associated Transcriptions Vol. 2

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Слушать песни из альбома Associated Transcriptions Vol. 2

  1. Bye Bye Baby
  2. Sing, Baby, Sing
  3. You Came to My Rescue
  4. Long Ago and Far Away
  5. It's the Gypsy in Me
  6. Peter Piper
  7. Through The Courtesy Of Love
  8. My Kingdom For A Kiss
  9. When a Lady Meets a Gentleman Down South
  10. There Goes My Attraction
  11. Come Back Sweet Papa
  12. The Way You Look Tonight
  13. Never Gonna Dance
  14. You Dropped Me Like a Penny
  15. Fidgety Feet 2:41
  16. You on My Mind
  17. Talking Through My Heart
  18. 'Tain't No Use
  19. Oh, You Rogue, You Stole My Heart
  20. Never Gonna Dance (Alternate Take)
  21. Bye Bye Baby (Alternate Take)


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