Bo Diddley альбом Hey Man Where's My Car

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Слушать песни из альбома Hey Man Where's My Car

  1. Mess Around
  2. Huckleberry Bush (Hully Hully Gally)
  3. Hey, Hey (What Are You Going To Do?) [Slow Version]
  4. No More Lovin' (Alternate Take)
  5. Bo Diddley Is Loose
  6. Ride On Josephine 3:02
  7. Do What I Say
  8. Come On Baby a.k.a The Soup Maker
  9. Travelin' West
  10. Hey Pretty Baby (Slow Version)
  11. Doing the Crawdaddy
  12. Mule Train
  13. Aloha
  14. Say You Will (Alternate Take)
  15. Walkin' And Talkin' (Unedited)
  16. Can You Shimmy?
  17. Merengue (Limbo)
  18. Bo Didley Is An Outlaw (Slow Version)


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