Bo Diddley альбом Gold

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Слушать песни из альбома Gold

  1. Bo Diddley (Single Version)
  2. I'm a Man (Single Version)
  3. Little Girl 2:32
  4. You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care) 2:47
  5. Diddley Daddy (Single Version)
  6. She's Fine, She's Mine
  7. Pretty Thing 2:49
  8. Bring It To Jerome 2:29
  9. Diddy Wah Diddy
  10. I'm Looking for a Woman
  11. I'm Bad
  12. Who Do You Love (Single Version)
  13. Cops and Robbers
  14. Down Home Special
  15. Hey! Bo Diddley
  16. Mona (Single Version)
  17. Say! Boss Man
  18. Before You Accuse Me (Take A Look At Yourself)
  19. Hush Your Mouth
  20. Dearest Darling (Single Version)
  21. The Clock Strikes Twelve
  22. Crackin' Up (Single Version)
  23. Don't Let It Go (Hold On To What You Got)
  24. I'm Sorry (Single Version)
  25. Mumblin' Guitar
  26. What Do You Know About Love?
  27. The Story Of Bo Diddley
  28. She's Alright
  29. Say Man, Back Again (Alternate Take)
  30. Road Runner (Single Version)
  31. Spend My Life With You
  32. Cadillac
  33. Deed and Deed I Do
  34. Ride On Josephine 3:02
  35. Gun Slinger
  36. Pills
  37. I Can Tell
  38. You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover (Single Version)
  39. Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
  40. Ooh Baby


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