Big Joe Turner альбом Rocks In My Bed

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Слушать песни из альбома Rocks In My Bed

  1. Watch That Jive
  2. Little Bitty Gal's Blues
  3. Cry Baby Blues
  4. Rocks In My Bed
  5. Johnson and Turner Blues
  6. Doggin' The Blues
  7. Blues On Central Avenue
  8. S.K. Blues Part 2
  9. Howlin' Winds
  10. I Got My Discharge Papers
  11. Goin' To Chicago Blues
  12. S.k. Blues Part 1
  13. Ice Man
  14. Somebody's Got To Go
  15. I Got A Gal
  16. Nobody in Mind 2:55
  17. Chewed Up Grass
  18. Sun Risin' Blues
  19. Rebecca
  20. Blues in the Night [*]
  21. It's the Same Old Story


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