Big Joe Turner альбом Big Joe Blues

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Слушать песни из альбома Big Joe Blues

  1. Shake Rattle and Roll (Live)
  2. Honey Hush (Live)
  3. T.V. Mama (Live)
  4. Roll Me Baby (Live)
  5. Everyday I Have the Blues (Live)
  6. The Things I Used to Do (Live)
  7. Ain't Gonna Be Your Lowdown Dog (Live)
  8. Early One Morning (Live)
  9. Medley: I've Got a Pocket Full of Pencils / I Want My Baby to Write Me (Live)
  10. Chicken and the Hawk (Live)
  11. The Night Time Is the Right Time (Live)
  12. Write Me a Letter (Live)
  13. Flip Flop and Fly (Live)


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