Big Joe Turner альбом Atomic Boogie

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Слушать песни из альбома Atomic Boogie

  1. S.K. Blues, Pt. 1
  2. S.K. Blues Pt. 2
  3. Johnson and Turner Blues
  4. Watch That Jive
  5. Doggin' The Blues
  6. Miss Brown Blues
  7. I Got My Discharge Papers
  8. My Gal's a Jockey
  9. I'm Still in the Dark
  10. I Got Love for Sale
  11. Sunday Morning Blues
  12. Mad Blues
  13. It's A Low Down Dirty Shame
  14. Sally-Zu-Zazz
  15. Rock Of Gibraltar Blues
  16. Milk and Butter Blues
  17. That's When It Really Hurts
  18. I'm In Sharp When i Hit the Coast
  19. Ooh Wee Baby Blues
  20. Lucille, Lucille
  21. Rocks In My Bed
  22. Careless Love
  23. Last Goodbye Blues
  24. Whistle Stop Blues
  25. Hollywood Bed (Cherry Red Blues)
  26. Howlin' Winds
  27. How Long, How Long Blues
  28. Shake It And Break It
  29. Nobody in Mind 2:55


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