Alien Vampires альбом Evil Excavation – I'm Dead Fuck You

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Слушать песни из альбома Evil Excavation – I'm Dead Fuck You

  1. The Crop Circle (And Your Children Disappear in the Dark)
  2. Funeral Rave
  3. I'm Dead Fuck You (feat. Simone Salvatori & Spiritual Front)
  4. Muthoid Throne
  5. Fuck Your Exorcism (Alien Vampires Guitar Remix)
  6. Anti Cosmic
  7. Dark Skies 5:11
  8. Fake Blood Is for Cunt 4:43
  9. Won't See U Even in Hell
  10. Thy Mortal Human Side
  11. Entrapped in This World
  12. Show Me the Way (Left Spine Down Remix)
  13. The Convent Burns (Alien Nation Remix)
  14. Rave to the Grave (Restriction 9 Remix)
  15. Watershed (Chamaeleon Remix)
  16. I Fuck Nuns (Centhron Remix)
  17. Down in Hell (Cutoff_Sky Remix)
  18. Harsh Drugs & Bdsm (Totten Mechanismus Remix)
  19. Alien