ARIA альбом Awfully Fucked (A Compilation of Unreleased Songs)

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Слушать песни из альбома Awfully Fucked (A Compilation of Unreleased Songs)

  1. Bust A Mission
  2. Idle/Awake
  3. I Used to Think I Had a Chance With You (Or: The Harrowing Disappointment Of Growing Old In A Facile Scene)
  4. A Feast Of Delusion
  5. Openlettertomadness
  6. My Insurance Doesn't Cover Existential Crises
  7. I Liked You A Lot More When You Knew Nothing About Me
  8. Alienation
  9. I Wish I Could Tell You
  10. Men's Needs/Women's Needs
  11. No Wait, This Is All An Illusion
  12. This Is the Part When I Realize It Was All In My Head
  13. Prologue To Devastating Obscurity
  14. Nothingelsematters
  15. Congested
  16. Humancondition.Jpeg
  17. Suicidehotline V. 3